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If you have African or New World cichlids for sale or if you are looking for a particular cichlid, this is the place! Also consider our Sponsors page, where you find retailers who offer a variety of quality fish.

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Last 20 Postings
For Sale  5 Frontosas
Barbella   Pick-Up Only Stony Point, NY
For Sale  Ruby Reds cichlids for sale - young.
cichlidland   Pick-Up Only Oshawa, ON
For Sale  120G RR tank with 40G sump + Extras
KitteryAquatics   Pick-Up Only Portsmouth, NH
For Sale  Synodontis Petricola Colony & 1 Tropheus
OCFRONT   Pick-Up Only Santa Ana, CA
For Sale  Moving to East Coast
tiffanyrodriguez   Pick-Up Only Laguna Niguel, CA
For Sale  Free Cichlids
zachariasj1974   Pick-Up Only houston, TX
For Sale  Opthalmotilapia Ventralis, Mpimbwe
bluetang77   Shipping Available West Palm Beach, FL
For Sale  Synodontis Petricola
Los Angeles   Pick-Up Only LOS ANGELES, CA
For Sale  Lethrinops albus "Kande Island"
puddleglum   Pick-Up Only Madison, WI
For Sale  Pleco- brown albino busynose
africancichlidlovers   Pick-Up Only Long Beach, CA
For Sale  Mbuna
Los Angeles   Pick-Up Only los angeles, CA
For Sale  Albino Bushy Nose Pleco
Los Angeles   Pick-Up Only los angeles, CA
For Sale  90G Taganyika Setup for Sale
inkki715   Pick-Up Only Gardena, CA
For Sale  Labidochromis caeruleus
rockMO1   Pick-Up Only leominster, MA
For Sale  ICE BLUE Zebra
rockMO1   Pick-Up Only Leominster, MA
For Sale  Kamagra fur manner, ED problem
jenswalter   Pick-Up Only Bern, Switzerland
For Sale  5 male 15 female Wild Tropheus Ikola
adrian0325   Shipping Available Los Angeles, CA
For Sale  Benthochromis Tricoti
adrian0325   Shipping Available Los Angeles, CA
For Sale  45 gallon jebo grass tank, co2 tank
Immjimmy   Pick-Up Only city of industry, CA
For Sale  150 gallon acrylic + 50 gallon acrylic sump
Immjimmy   Pick-Up Only city of industry, CA



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